Nk̓ʷusm Salish Language Institute
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One Voice for Our Language

Listen closely to the voices that connect generations through the forces of time.

These voices tell stories of challenge and survival, pain and vision, and the hope of a people.

These are the voices of the Salish people. Every voice is an important link between the past and the present.

Nk̓ʷusm believes that each voice should be heard.

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Nk̓ʷucin x̣ʷl̓ qe Nuwéwlštn

“The power is in the language, the wisdom is in the language and all the things that make who we are is in the language…”

— Pat Pierre 2004

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Our Promise (The School


Ax̣lasq̓t m še Seliš nuwewlštn łu qe qeqs yoʔnunm

Everyday Salish language is what we will learn.

Imše qe olqʷštwexʷ

We will help each other.

Ta qe qes čʔoyncutmstm łu qe snkʷsqelixʷ

We will not laugh at our Indian People.

Imše qe putʔentm esyaʔ łu uł sxʷm̓im̓ey̓em

We will respect all the teachers.

Imše qe qʷeyłm̓ist

We will do our best.

Ta pistem̓ qe qs čmšqnmist.

We will never give up!